5 awesome christmas movies to make you and your family feel more festive

Christmas movies are a great way of bringing the family together and make you feel more festive at the same time.

Here’s 5 of my favorite Christmas films

The Grinch

The Grinch is a lovely classical movie about a horrid Grinch who hates Christmas and tries to ruin it for the whos who live in whoville by taking away all there presents. The film has a lovely moral which shows that presents isn’t what Christmas is about.


Elf is about a man named Buddy who as a child,  lived in an orphanage till he climbed into Santa’s sack and was taught to be an elf. He finds out that he is human when he grows up and goes on a hilarious adventure to find out who his real dad is. Unlucky for him though, he has no idea how human life is and when he meets his father (who is on the naughty list!),it doesn’t go according to plan and ends up as a laugh out loud comedy as the story follows Buddy as he falls in love with a store assistant dressed like an elf and meets his father’s son and wife.

Home alone

Home alone is one of my favorite films ever. It is about a boy named Kevin with lots of siblings and one day,they go on holiday but accidentally leave him behind home alone over Christmas .However, that’s not the only problem. 2 robbers try to break into Kevin’s house but he has lots of surprises and hilarious traps in store for them.It is a lovely story and will make the whole family laugh out loud.

The national Lampoon’s Christmas vacation

The national lampoon’s Christmas vacation is a great film about Clark Griswald, a family man. He is all ready for a peaceful Christmas with his arguing relatives and his annoyed neighbors till everything goes wrong. well they  did have to put up with a tree smashing through their window,1000 Christmas lights next door and a crazy squirrel.The best bits are the realistic bits,like getting locked in the attic and the an attic ladder smashing into his head! It is the 3rd film in a great series.

The princess switch

This is a lovely film I watched. It is about a young baker named Stacie who bumps into a duchess called Margaret who is engaged to the prince. Margaret and Stacie look so alike that Margret hatches a plan,to swap places with Stacie for a few days of being normal. Then Stacie falls in love with the prince and Margaret begins to love Kevin ,Stacie’s sous chef and best friend. It is a heartwarming romance for the whole family.

I hope you enjoyed my post and Merry Christmas!



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