5 fabulous children’s activity books for Christmas from The Book People


Do you want to have a look at the 5  children’s activity books I chose from The Book People to review?

Usually I prefer fiction books and action stories but these caught my eye straight away.

  • The magic show book

This is such an interesting book, the tricks are easy to learn and look great.

childresn activity books



  • Out of the box

Out of  the box, is a craft book that  uses only the things lying around your house. It is a great way to use up cardboard and turn it into something useful. I love this because craft stuff can be quite expensive and this book can be used to make christmas gifts or it can be a great christmas gift itself.






  • Hello world bingo game

This is a great game which can be played with up to 9 people which is very helpful if you are going to a christmas party. It has the same rules as bingo but insted of numbers it is hello in different langueges. You have to reply in that languege, (thetr is pronuncionce under the word, and it is so interesting to find out what hello is in differeent languges. I think it is awesome!



  • Fantastically great women who made history activity book

I had already got book one,Fantastically great women who changed the world, and had loved it because I thught it was very inspirational. The second one sounds just as good and the activity book version of number 2 was incredible. It has everything from code cracking to colouring to stitckers and made me feel empowered. This is the perfect gift for a young girl at Christmas.



  • Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

This book is the best present for a Star Wars fan.It is jam packed with fun facts and will make even a starwars beginner into a pro jedi once its finished. Definitely a present that will be loved,used and shared. I loved it and will make sure to keep it on hand during the films!




You can buy all these books at The Book People website here






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