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Hello,I have been sent some book sets of my choice from The Book People to review. They have such a huge range of children’s books. I chose the Harry Potter audio books, 1-3, Geek girl set and Dork diaries collection out of the handpicked selections and I am super excited to start reading them.


  • Harry Potter audio books

I love the Harry Potter books and 1 – 3 are my favourite so when I saw this I just had to get it!  The great thing about audiobooks is that you can just sit back and relax. You can even listen on the way to school.  If you have problems with reading in the car (like me!) this can be a great way to keep entertained on a long car journey.


  • Geek Girl books

I had already read 2 of the books before and I absolutely adored them. They are about Harriet Manners who is a geek and model. They are full of laughter and it makes you feel for Harriet. My favourite character would have to be Wilbur, Harriet’s agent, he is very funny and full of personality.



  • Dork Diaries

As with the Geek Girl series, I had read a few before and had really enjoyed them. There is 12 in the series and I am super excited about reading some more! My favourite thing about these books is that it is based on a teenagers life. Also, it is written in the first person so you can understand everything from the main characters view.





As you can see, The Book People have lots of choices out there but they also have incredible prices. It is definitely worth taking a look HERE.

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