Carbonel: prince of cats review


Recently I have been reading a book called Carbonel: the prince of cats by Barbara Sleigh. I love it. It is a super story and is the first part of a trilogy, and I will do a review of the other two another time.It is interesting as it has lots of surprises and twists.

What is it about ?

The story is about a child called Rosemary Brown, who is very poor. One day,she goes out to buy a broom and ends up buying a black cat as well. She is shocked when she holds the broom and the cat speaks to her, telling her that he is Carbonel, the prince of cats, and he is a slave forever unless she helps him find the ingredients for a special potion. She agrees to help and is swept into an adventure with Carbonel and her new friend, her mother’s new boss’ son.

Why do I like it ?

I like it because it is fun and exciting it  is very imaginative. My favorite character is Rosemary because she is funny and the type of girl I would like as a friend.


I would recommend this book to children 7+ because it is not hard to read and is very interesting so even older children would love to read it too.

You can buy it here

I look forward to doing a review of the next two as well.


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