Create your own happy – book review

Hi there, today I am going to tell you about an awesome book my mum and her friend wrote. It is called Create your own happy and is full of activities to make you smile and spread the happiness. Behind every activity it explains the why so you can understand how you are making yourself and others feel happier. It is split into 3 chapters which are…

  1. How to make yourself happy
  2. Making others happy
  3. Making the world happy                                                                                 Create your own happy

Why do I like it?

I love this book because it actually works! All of the activities do make you feel happier and if you wonder why you can read the science behind it which is in every activity.


What are my favorite parts?

Even though I love them all, my favorite activities in Create your own happy would have to be the calm down jar, the insect hotel,the mindfulness activity and the positive word search as these are very creative and fun to do.

Who it is for ?

I would recommend this book to 7 to 11 but really it can be for anyone, even adults, who want to be happy! Its a great gift for Christmas or birthdays.

Where to buy it ?

You can buy it here for £6.67.

I hope you love the book….

Go forth and create your own happy!

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