Super squishes, slime and putty book from The Book People – Review

Super squishes, slime and putty book is a great book for Christmas and birthdays as it is a super fun read, has very clear instructions that are easy to follow and you will be sure to give an incredible present!

It could be a nice gift for some one who is ill and stuck in bed with nothing to do. The Book People have a great price on this epic book, only £3.99 and you can buy it HERE.

I have created a video on how to make farting putty using the book.


Isn’t that book cool!


Why I love this book 

I love this book because even though shop brought squishes are super expensive it is actually really cheap to make your own and as well as having fun making them you have an awesome end product. Slime is just epic and this shows you how to make many different types as well as the basic fluffy slime.I enjoyed the putty section of the book as it included lots of interesting types that I hadn’t seen before like Anti-stress putty,bath time putty and, of course, farting putty!


In my opinion, this book  is suitable for any age(even adults!) but little kids might need some help with the painting and cutting.

This book is incredible and if you don’t have it I would definitely make sure to add it to your shopping list.


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