Top 5 tips on how to survive going back to school

Going back to school can be hard but there is lots of ways you can make it easier. Here are my top five.

1. Sleeping well and getting up early

This is essential for feeling good on the first day. Going back may be tough but it is way harder when you are tired. Over the holidays it is nice to go to bed late (maybe even as late as twelve!)and get up at ten but when school is only a few  days away it is a good plan to begin sleeping and waking as you would on a school day.

2. Think of the positives

There are lots of positives about going back to school. Seeing friends again, lessons you enjoy,teachers you like…..                                                                                                                                  All you need to do is think about them. You could write them down,tell a friend or family, or just think them.

3. Make sure you are entirely ready 

Make sure that you have got everything sorted for the first day. Any homework in your bag, sandwich box packed,pencil case ready,etc. If you are worried you haven’t got everything, go through each lesson you have the next day and everything you need for each. For example, if you have maths,check that you have your calculator, PE,get your kit ready and anything extra that you need for the topic etc.

If you aren’t a hundred percent sure you can ask a parent go through it with you  or call a friend and ask what you need and what they are taking

4.Plan something nice to do after school

The best way to make your day better is to plan something to look forward to afterwards. From a movie you love to watch, spending time with family or going swimming to having a friend over,reading a great book or playing on your PlayStation anything you enjoy will do.

5.Take your mind off it

If you have done all the rest or at least planned to, the best thing you can do next is just keep your mind off it. Do something you like and stop worrying. You will be fine.

You can do this!

Just remember to have fun and enjoy it.

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